Unforgettable Places of Himri Ganga Padhar District Mandi

Himari ganga padhar is the most visiting place of Padhar town under mandi distt. himari ganga is famous for Hindu religion. This wonderfully cool and charming place sprawls along in mountain. Himari Ganga is hill station in Himachal Pradesh, popularly called as “Dev Bhoomi”, or the place of gods. Most favorable time to visit in this place is between January, February and August to October when the temperature is supple and the tourists can enjoy the place most. Himari Gnaga is blessed with one of the most beautiful hill stations in Mandi Distt, Himachal Pradesh, Dyana Park green forest covers, Gupt Ganga waterfalls and Dev Sutrdhari and Himari Ganga temples.

Himari Gnaga

Temple Himari Ganga

Himari Ganga

Himari Ganga











One of the prime tourist attractions of Himari Ganga Temple which is dedicated by Dev Hurang Narayan, This is one of the most important deities of Hinduism and Mandi distt people. the place is also famous for a religion fair.


If you are visiting the first time, there are some very popular place which you must not miss.

Interested Place Around Himari Ganga:-

  • Dev Sutradhari Temple: –  This Place also famous for local Kahika fair. The kahika fair held for after five years.
  • Dayna Park: – Dayna Park is a picnic spot and tourist location in Mandi district in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Dayna Park Most Beautiful Hill Spot. This Place is situated 10km for Padhar, 1Km for Himari Ganga and 40 km of Mandi Distt.
  • Dev Hurang Narayan temple: – Hurang Narayan temple is a chef temple of the village. This Place is situated Chuhar Valley. which are 20-25 kilometers of Himari Ganga. Hurang is actually the name of the village and Dev Narayan is the theocratic ruler of that village.
  • Barot Valley: – Amazing place of barot valley in Mandi district.  In term natural beauty Chauhar Valley. It is famous for trout fishing and a ropeway that attracts the tourist.
  • Prashar Lake: – Prashar Lake situated at the top of the mountain. It takes more then 3 hours to reach Prashar Lake even it is only 40 KM from Himari Gnaga and Mandi district.
  • Padhar Town: – Padhar is little town and Tehsil under Mandi district in the state of Himachal Pradesh.
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